A Date With the Devil…And I Missed the Bloody Football

Wednesday July 5, 2006

Everyone tells me that last night’s Germany v Italy game was the game of the tournament so far. Unfortunately, I missed it coz i went on a date with a drunken lunatic.

I’ve met her before, she’s a friend of a friend, who is famous for, erm, Liking a Drink. After the first glass of wine she got drunk pretty rapidly, getting aggressive and embarrassing at the same time. She even started to talk to a drunk Scotsman who happened to be passing by. I knew I was in trouble when after the longest 15 minutes of my life, HE began to make his excuses and leave. Anyway, it was very boring, ended with me (literally) running out of the pub leaving her alone and furiously trying to reach my ‘friend’ asking for an explanation.

If you haven’t done so already, check out Google Video. There’s an American chat show called the Charlie Rose show that they’re currently streaming for free (usually 99c). He’s not that challenging, which is why his guests are so good, especially this episode with Winona Ryder looking just lovely.

Interesting John Lennon film.

Here’s a term I’ve only recently come across: Cleveland Steamer.
Continuing the Noel Edmonds theme: Noel puts his foot in it:

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