A Step Change

Thursday July 20, 2006

My birthday tomorrow. 35 and thoroughly depressed by the whole affair. This cheered me up though. And this.

Last weekend saw a significant step forward in my progression as a human being. On Saturday afternoon, at 12pm I took sole responsibility for a little human being, with a 24 hour commitment and no get-out clauses. We went to the Aquariam, where I spent all of my time worrying about her drowning, then went to the see ‘Over the Hedge’ where I spent my time worrying about her choking from all the popcorn she was stuffing down her face. At about 8pm she was absolutely knackered, but pretty pleased that she’d managed to eat nothing more nutritious than popcorn, pizza and a sausage roll all day. I handed her back to her mother the next day, all 3 of us secretly thinking ‘that was a close shave’.

Tonight will be the fourth consecutive night of drinking. To counter this I plan to spend the weekend at the home of a recovering alcoholic.


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