In Colombia

Wednesday August 2, 2006

Cartagena to be precise. For the 4th time. I love it here. I forgot how much I loved it until I found myself chatting away to the touts trying to sell me ripped-off CDs.

The flight here was 12, yes twelve, hours late which meant I arrived at 9.45am instead of 8.30pm the previous night. As I was boarding the plane I received a call from a Spanish friend. I answered it with a ‘Qio mami’ which means something like ‘whatsup girlfriend’ (in the Oprah Winfrey sense, not the she’s my girlfriend sense.) It’s a very Colombian thing to say and as I was on a plane with 300 Colombians they all laughed their heads off at the British guy saying something like this.

BTW, I actually have no idea how ‘qio’ is spelt. It’s pronounced something like ‘Keown’ without the ‘n’.


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