Flights to Asia for £1.46 – Time is The New Money

Friday January 5, 2007

The exact details have yet to emerge from Air Asia’s recent announcement that they’re expanding their business into the budget long-haul market, but the rumours are that the Asia-Europe flights will begin at a staggering £1.46 (one-way, plus taxes, minus comfort etc). Air Asia are second to launch, after Air Oasis who fly to HK for £75, but Air Asia will undoubtedly offer many more routes.

Cheap flights are obviously great (environmental issues aside), but the real currency now is time. The costs of flights to Asia will soon be, if they aren’t already, so inexpensive as to not be a factor for me, but what I can’t really afford is the time. So I’m happy to pay £75 one way for a flight, but if it takes me 12 hours to get there as opposed to 2 hours to a European destination, I’m unlikely to use them. If I’m going for something longer than a short-break, I can justify paying extra for the old-guard carriers like British Airways for the extra comfort and the air miles and if I’m going on for business I certainly won’t travel on a budget airline. So, as excited as I am about budget flights to Asia, I can’t actually see that I’ll use them.

BTW, shall I just kill that bird in my garden?  If bird flu is gonna spread to this country you can be certain it’ll be the bird that’s the reincarnation of Saddam Huseein who’s behind it all.

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