A Stupid Idea and A Man Without a Vision

Tuesday January 9, 2007

A stupid idea.  This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of.   Chacha have raised $6m from Jeff Bezos et al for this ‘people powered’ search engine.  On every single level I don’t get this.  a) It’s not a very fun experience, b) It doesn’t work better than Google which is quicker and more powerful and c) How is it in the slightest bit scalable?  I read a convincing article from Michael Arrington recently on why we’re not in a bubble right now, but then I hear of this and I’m not so sure.  This guy, who works for them, thinks it’s all shite too.

A man without a vision.   Really, is it 1997 or 2007?  Pearls of wisom from the Gates the Great:

“The digital decade is about to happen”

“People will spend more time on the net than watching TV ”

“People want to do things with their content across multiple platforms “

All this is rather like saying in 1940, ‘I think tough times are ahead for Europe’.   This is Gates’ last keynote, but it feels like one too many.

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