Sao Paulo

Saturday February 3, 2007

I am now in Sao Paulo.   I arrived at 2.30 this morning by bus (!), slightly mis-planning, as you probably can tell, the journey and arriving 5 hours later than I expected.  This meant I didn´t meet O last night as I was supposed to and it also meant my hotel reservation was now invalid as it expired at 10pm.  I called them to tell them I´d be late but they weren´t having any of it, even though I was happy to give them my credit card over the phone.  Eventually they referred me to another hotel

I´m now staying at Hotel San Gabriel in Rua Augusta.  Rua Augusta is like what Times Square used to be…a very peculiar mix of transvestite hookers, regular cinemas, sex shops, supermarkets and 5-star hotels with an audience of johns and families.  It´s only a matter of time before they clean this place to oblivion, so central as it is in San Paulo, but for now, for me, it has just the right mix of sleaze and character with a just-about-tolerable level of danger.

We´re supposed to be going to a club called Love Story tonight.  I´m not sure this is a good idea.  I´ve been a few times, but O hasn´t and I´m worried it´s a bit too street for her.  You see, out of the two of us, it´s only me that has experienced Stevenage High Street on a Saturday night.

Love Story is where the Sao Paulo´s finest sex workers go after work.  They go to sit back, relax and wipe the semen from their palms as they contemplate another hard night´s work at the office.  It doesn´t open til 3´, there´s barely anyone there til 5, and I´ve never actually left before 7.  For most it´s  probably a bit too edgy, and if I wasn´t extremely pished and with a friend each time I´ve been, it would be for me.  As I write this I´convinced this is not a place I should go with O.  I don´t know what I´m doing coming up with plans anyway, she´s the one that lives here.

Prediction: if we go to Love Story tonight, for one reason or another, we won´t be going to Florianopolis tomorrow.

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