Tuesday February 6, 2007

Back in Rio for the last few days of the trip.

I’ve just settled-in after a 6 hour coach journey from Sao Paulo.  In general Sao Paulo isn’t that interesting, it’s too modern, industrial, expensive and spread-out to be anything special for a tourist.  The only thing that can make it worthwhile is if you have a host as good as O was.  She was just fab in showing me round a city that is pretty difficult to get to grips with for a tourist.

Sunday we went to a very expensive Churrascaria on Ave Paulista, SP’s main drag if it has one.  Churrascaria’s are great, but from my experience the meat they serve is always the same: excellent, so you should generally find the cheapest one that you feel comfortable in coz anything more expensive will be a waste of money.

After the meal a first for me, Brazilian country and western, called Sertanejo.  Again, an interminable drive somewhere in a taxi, to a place with a familiar C & W feel, half-empty, but all of those inside dancing something a bit like how a Brazilian might dance to C&W, a peculiar combination that in the end looks a bit like salsa.  The Spanish speaking countries in South America have a thing about how the Brazilians can’t dance salsa, I can’t tell the difference.

The story about the missing Miss Brazil has been hitting the news over here in the past few days.  She was awarded the crown after the original Miss Brazil had to give it up because she participated in Brazil’s version of Big Brother called, wait for it, ‘Big Brother’, so she was already kinda famous in that ‘oh yeah, i remember her’ kinda way.   Consensus: she’s a garota de programa.

If ever you take a long road journey at night you’ll be stunned by how many love motels there are.  In the hour before arriving in SP last Friday there must have been, literally, 100.  My favourite name: ‘Nobs’.

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