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Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Tuesday April 17, 2007

To all the women who’ve ever had anything to do with me, I’d just like to say:

It seems clear to me that I have expressed a degree of regret that can be equated with an apology

Courtesy of Des Browne .



Thursday April 12, 2007

Been ages since I blogged, I know, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I hate March.

Here’s my recent, unusually active, media consumption:

Jamie T: one-man Arctic Monkeys meets Lily Allen meets Eminem. I go through phases of really liking it, then thinking I’m overrating it. Recently came across this clip on Youtube which swung me back into the like-him-again camp. My overall conclusion is he’s the real-deal and is one for the future.

Amy Winehouse – there’s a point at which ‘influenced by’ becomes ‘stolen from’ and she may have reached it, but decent sounding.

Sunshine, by Danny Boyle. Audacious sci-fi tale of 6 astronauts on a mission to re-ignite the sun to save a freezing planet earth. Well worth a look this film, but perplexing at times and not in the satisfying way 2001: A Space Odyssey is.

Hot Fuzz. Waste of time.

The Trap. 3-part documentary series by Adam Curits shown recently on BBC2 about ‘the concept and definition of freedom’. Not nearly as dull as it sounds, mostly because its visuals have an almost cinematic quality to them, borrowing a lot of footage and music from films and its story arc as good as the tightest Hollywood script. I disagreed with an awful lot of this documentary, particularly as it reached its most opinionated peak towards the last episode, and although 3 hours in length it feels like it skims over some important issues at times. Despite its flaws, The Trap is important television and you should watch it. You can get it from UKNova.

A Profound Conversation

Thursday April 12, 2007

With a drunk in Shepherds Bush tube station:

Him: Does this train go North?

Me: No, East

Him: East?

Me: Yes.

Him: What’s East?

Me [struggling to properly define ‘East’]: Errrrr, opposite of West

Him: That’s the same as North isn’t it?

Me: Yeah, the same as North

Then he walked happily away.