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A Step Change

Thursday July 20, 2006

My birthday tomorrow. 35 and thoroughly depressed by the whole affair. This cheered me up though. And this.

Last weekend saw a significant step forward in my progression as a human being. On Saturday afternoon, at 12pm I took sole responsibility for a little human being, with a 24 hour commitment and no get-out clauses. We went to the Aquariam, where I spent all of my time worrying about her drowning, then went to the see ‘Over the Hedge’ where I spent my time worrying about her choking from all the popcorn she was stuffing down her face. At about 8pm she was absolutely knackered, but pretty pleased that she’d managed to eat nothing more nutritious than popcorn, pizza and a sausage roll all day. I handed her back to her mother the next day, all 3 of us secretly thinking ‘that was a close shave’.

Tonight will be the fourth consecutive night of drinking. To counter this I plan to spend the weekend at the home of a recovering alcoholic.


Birth of a Publishing Empire

Friday July 14, 2006

My Google Adsense application has just been approved for my Digg Does Football site, which means that I can receive money for the advertisements on my site. Every long journey starts with a single step you know.

The sheer enormity of my commitment to look after my friends 6 year old over the weekend hit home this morning when she told me what I should have in the house. Milk? Breakfast cereal?! Fruit?!!!! Christ, what am I, Sainsburys?

Saw The Wind That Shakes The Barley last night. Alone. Tears streaming down my face. Very good, despite, as with all Ken Loach films, the political messages being hammered home constantly with zero subtleness. What Loach is generally good at though, and is particularly successful at here, is getting great performances from his cast. His films always have a feeling that they’re improvised, whether they are or not I don’t know, but when it works it gives his films a fantastic authenticity.

I went to see it at a cinema that was also showing ‘Over the Hedge‘. The signs were a bit too close together though, so I asked for a ticket to ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley Over The Hedge’, which at the time I thought was a bit long for a film title but went with it anyway. Oh how they laughed.

Saturday Sorted

Wednesday July 12, 2006

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got the unspeakably terrifying responsibility of looking after my friends 6 year old daughter over the weekend. A couple of friends, one of whom is the child’s mother so she ought to know a thing or two, suggested the London Aquariam. Sorted.

The Responsibility

Monday July 10, 2006

Re-watched a fabulous documentary over the weekend called Triumph of the Nerds. It’s the story of the genesis of the PC industry, written and presented by Robert X Cringely (who I’ve handily linked to on the left) based on his book Accidental Empires. It’s a fascinating tale of luck (Bill Gates), genius (Steve Jobs), brilliant business acumen (Bill Gates) and a little bit of craziness (Steve Jobs). One of the best things about it is the first-person accounts he’s got industry titans such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Paul Allen. My favourite anecdote came from Bill Gates, about his deal to sell an operating system to IBM: they sold MS-DOS to IBM for a fixed fee of $80k, no matter how many units IBM sold. They did this on the belief that because IBM were bound to set the standard for the industry, it would lead to a whole bunch of ‘clone’ companies building machines to the IBM standard who would also need operating systems. Quite brilliant I’d say. Incredibly disciplined too, to have such faith in his vision that there’d be a computer in every home and that computer would be an IBM clone (in case you don’t know about these things, pretty much every home computer that isn’t a MAC is an IBM clone). Honestly, it’s brilliant and a lot more interesting that I’m making it seem. You can get it from one of the biggest torrent sites.

Golly. My friend’s 6 year old daughter is coming to stay with me next weekend. The responsibility! My first idea for activities wasn’t well received. How about the zoo? ‘That’s really shit.’ Hmmm. Ok, how about a movie. ‘Ok, but not Pirates of the Caribbean coz I want to see that with her’. Right, some progress there. Actually I can’t think of anything else to do with a 6 year old, so I fear it’ll be Saturday night at the pub again.

In a bit of a dilemma about vacation. I was supposed to be going to Colombia with M, but predictably that isn’t looking that feasible now. I’ve got friends I could visit there, so could still go to Colombia, but am very nervous about going on my own after what happened the last time. Would love to go to Brazil too, and the Argentinian Peso is pretty good value now, so maybe Buenos Aires is a good option. Poor old me eh? Not like my mate Rich who is stuck in Australia, unable to properly watch a game of football coz it starts at 4am. Poor sod.

Microscopic photography is just ace.

Crazy, just crazy I tell ya. Shaky Kaiser says it must have been a mum joke.