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Saddam Executed, Reincarnated As Bird in My Garden

Friday January 5, 2007

Is it normal for birds to start singing at 3am?

I don’t normally say things like this, but something very weird has been happening recently. On December 30th, a bird started twittering in my garden at 3am. I don’t recall ever hearing birds singing in my garden and certainly not at 3am. It woke me up but I quickly went back to sleep. That morning I awoke, shocked to hear the news of Saddam’s execution. Time of execution? 6am Baghdad time, which is exactly when the bird appeared for the very first time in my garden. A weird co-incidence, but made even weirder by reading this story about Saddam Hussein’s final days in a Baghdad prison, where he was described as the ‘Birdman of Baghdad’ by the American nurse who looked after him.

To this day, that bird sings regularly in my garden at 3am.